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Welcome To Mussoorie Heritage Centre

Mussoorie Heritage Centre is a social enterprise opened in November 2013, with the objective of showcasing and preserving the Heritage of Mussoorie and the adjoining areas. It archives and displays the historical heritage of Mussoorie from 1814 when the first map of the region was compiled by the Survey of India,

Mussoorie Memory Bank

Mussoorie has a wealth of history. Much of it is contained in people’s memories etc. The Mussoorie Memory Bank is a project which seeks to document some of these oral histories by talking to different people who have witnessed involved



One of the primary objectives of Phentermine tabs, has been to create a data base of the History, Anthropology, Ethnology, Biodiversity etc of the Mussoorie region primarily for future researchers and history enthusiasts.

Heritage Walk

Heritage walks are the ideal way of buying modafinil and culture of any town. The history of Mussoorie, the Queen of Hills, dates back to 1814, when the first map was compiled by the Survey of India. But it was only


Events and Activities

Mussoorie Heritage Centre organizes various Events which are aimed at discussing and nurturing the Historical material of the Mussoorie region. The exchange of facts, material etc with Experts from around the world is accentuated with the aid of such Events.

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Landour Lecture Series

Landour Lecture Series is a community not for profit initiative that aims to harness the potential of local and passer by talent and knowledge, by creating a free space for interaction and dialogue. Landour Lecture Series started in 2011, and has since hosted more than 100 speakers from all continents that have talked about education, development, wildlife, environment, entertainment, technology etc. It has also been a platform for performing Arts. It is now an Event under the registered firm Mussoorie Heritage Centre.

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Genealogy Help

For the History buffs who have often wondered about the history of their ancestors, we provide Genealogy Help. You can trace your ancestor’s unique history, their time spent in Mussoorie and Landour, the place of birth, education, marriage, burial etc. We provide you with information on all the above.

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