Towards the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, Indian Natural history fascinated many foreign adventurers and travelers, who carried back with them as novelties to various European museums small collections of the skins and eggs of Indian birds. The discovery of Mussoorie and Landour in the 1820’s attracted many such travelers and researchers to this region. Some left vivid accounts of their discoveries, while some went into oblivion. This exhibition titled the ‘Birds of Mussoorie in the 19th century’, brings together some of the pictorial and descriptive accounts done in the 19th century of the present birds found in the region.
The highlight of the exhibition is the extinct Himalayan Quail (Malacoturnix Supercilliousus / Ophrysia superciliosa) which was last spotted in Mussoorie in 1876. Detailed account of the Quail by various Ornithologists such as E.Blyth, J.E.Gray, W.T. Blantford, etc have been compiled.
The exhibition also features designer Bird products by various designers from the Mussoorie region.