This exhibition was organized to showcase how and what took place in Mussoorie during the Freedom movement. It showcased pictures not only of the Indian National leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and others in Mussoorie, but also the then existent British Families and their struggle in leaving their town.
Mussoorie during the Freedom Movement was an exhibition covering a time period from 1857, when the First war of Independence or the Indian Mutiny took place, till 1947 when India attained Freedom and the country was partitioned. How was Mussoorie affected by the 1857 upheavel in North India? What was the reaction in this primarily British town to the stirring Nationalism that began in 1920’s? Did the Indian National Leaders visit Mussoorie and kindle the flame of Nationalism? Did Mussoorie produce any local Freedom fighters? Did the Salt Satyagrah, Quit India Movement, Simon Commissions and other movements affect the common man of Mussoorie? What happened to the many Muslim families in Mussoorie during the Partition? What went through for the many British families who had to leave in 1947?
This Exhibition answered these and many other such questions ,through, Photographs, documents, old newspapers, Old letters, old Ads, Posters, artifacts, visuals etc.