Heritage Walks

Heritage walks are the ideal way of discovering the history and culture of any town. The history of Mussoorie, the Queen of Hills, dates back to 1814, when the first map was compiled by the Survey of India. But it was only in 1825 that the first permanent residence came up in Landour. A rich colonial history marks the landscape of modafinil. In the current over commercialization of this town, the old colonial architecture and culture is fast disappearing. So


and discover some hidden treasures and secrets of this eclectic town. We have designed different walks for different age groups and tastes.

History Walks

We have 4 different History Walks:

Landour Cantt

This walk commences at Char Dukan and takes you around the loop (chukkar), where we talk about the beginning of Landour and Mussoorie, the British life from 1820’s -1960’s. The life of the British Army is discussed in the course of the walk. The legacies of the old buildings, architecture, their inhabitants etc is also talked about. Also includes a stop at one of the oldest Families in the area.

Duration- 2 hrs

Type – easy flat walk

Landour Bazar

Starting at the 1st permanent residence of Mussoorie this walk ends at the Picture Palace. It moves along the Landour Bazar, down some secret hidden lanes, old unseen buildings, palaces, clubs etc. Here we stop at the oldest sweet shop in Mussoorie for a chai and samosa and talk with phentermineonlineguide.net. Also includes a curated tour at the Mussoorie Heritage Centre, which is the local archive, research, history display and craft centre and   is housed in a historic building.

Duration- 2 hrs

Type – mild strenuous, mostly downhill

Kulri Bazar & Camels back

The starting point for this walk is at the Picture Palace. This walk covers the entire Kulri, Camel’s Back and Library area. It ends at the commencing point. It covers the Cemetry, Oldest Skating Rink, Christ Church, some other scattered old business establishments etc. Also includes a stop at one of the oldest cafes in town.

Duration- 2 hrs

Type – easy, flat walk

Everest House, Hathipaon, Cloud End

This walk begins at the Sea Green Café. A walk upto the legendary Sir George Everest’s house, Observatory, Wishing well and ends at the commencement point.

Duration- 2 hrs

Type – strenuous, covers mountain and forest walk

Village Trips

The surrounding villages of Mussoorie are still cultural hubs of local ethnic lifestyles. There are special trails designed to suit individual time capacities . Some also include overnight village stays or camping facilities. This includes discussion on the Vernacular architecture, Farming, other livelihoods, customs, education etc. Also includes an authentic local organic meal at the village

Bhatoli & Sainjhi


Located in the Jaunpur block, which is on the western side of Mussoorie, these 2 villages are two of the very few authentic villages surviving the fast changing winds of modernization. These are marked by remarkable Vernacular architecture, water mills, Farming, splendid music, language, costumes etc. An authentic jaunpuri meal will be surved and interactions with the local community will be done….Guests can also try their hand at the watermill.

Duration- 8 hrs including the 20 km one way drive

Type – drive, mild walk

Saur Village

Saur Village is located in the Garhwal belt. This village was abandoned and neglected for many years, till an old resident decided to revive it and made it a premium village destination on the tourism map. The village sits in the lap surrounded by high mountains, with a small river, terrace farming etc. Also is marked by authentic Garhwali architecture. Guests will be served an authentic Garhwali meal.

Duration- 10 hrs including the 62 km one way drive

Type – drive, mild walk

Religion trail

Our religion trail walks you through the old Churches and Cemeteries of Mussoorie and Landour. The commencement point is the St. Paul’s church at Char Dukan, and ends at the Christ Church near Library bazaar.

Duration- 5 hrs

Type – downhill strenuous, then flat mild walk

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